What I’ve been reading – Three book tips

Recently, I’ve been reading a bit more than I was used to do. It is true that I also lose this habit more frequently than expected… anyway, there are some books that I keep in places where I always see so, it will be easier to take them when I want to read something. I’ve always had issues when reading a book because I can not do it in a regular order… I always read the following chapters, then I come back to the currently one. The three books that I am going to suggest here aren’t stories books, so it’s not necessary “follow an order”to read and understand it, this is why I like them so much.

leia_isto_se_quer_tirar_fotos_incriveis_de_genteName: Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People
Author: Henry Carroll
About: The book has photographs of some artists like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helen Levitt, Sebastião Salgado and many others. Through these photos, the author gives us tips for taking photographs of people (portraits), photography composition, environment, black and white and colour photographs etc. It’s a really simple book, nothing complicated or technical words. There are also some instructions like which camera to use and some manual configuration for the camera, keeping the simple speech through the pages. I always check the book before going out or keep it with me when I need to have ideas for taking photos.


the_beatles_london_a_guideName: The Beatles’ London: A Guide to 467 Beatles Sites in and Around London
Author: Piet Schreuders, Mark Lewisohn, Adam Smith
About: This book was a birthday gift from a friend, while I was living in London last year. I never knew how to use a map properly. With this book, I learnt how to do it. The book is a guide of places where the Beatles have been in London and around. The book is full of maps and in its description there are the nearest tube stations and what happened there, like hotels where they stayed, buildings they’ve lived, places where they’ve played and how these places looks like nowadays. It’s a guide about The Beatles and a guide about London, this is why I love it! I know I am not living in London anymore, but this is not a reason to stop reading this book, once I practice english reading it.

clandestino_in_search_of_manu_chaoName: Clandestino – in search of Manu Chao
Author: Peter Culshaw
About: This book is not a Manu Chao’s biography… it is a book about him. My uncle gave me this book earlier this year and I absolutely LOVED it. The author is a jornalist who follows Manu and writes what people think about him, the places where Manu lives or the places they’ve been. He also writes the stories that Manu tells him, about his life, his thoughts, his parents and grandparens, where they’ve come from. Reading all these things it’s possible to understand why Manu Chao is Manu Chao and why he sings what he sings; what inspires him and his background and what matters to the Clandestino.


For now, this is what I have. They are not stories’ books, this is why I can write about them so easily… it’s really hard for me telling a story (from a book or from a film) and not mess up and speak about what happens in the end. When I learn how to do it, I write about the story book that I’ve been reading lately.


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